The story of La Pastora

1999 Inma & Miguel opened La Posada of Uncastillo with eight rooms
2006 Expansion of La Posada with 2 new suites
2007 Inauguration of Uncastillo Apartments
2013 The Rutas Prepirineo website is born
2015 Dinner service begins at La Posada
2017 The Mirador of Zaragoza starts growing
2023 The relay arrived…

We are Valeria & Dany, the new owners of La Pastora.

We are an Argentinian couple who for more than 20 years have been living between Mallorca and Mar del Plata and we thought it was time to make a change, and as typical Argentinians, a bit exaggerated, we did it in a big way… to Uncastillo. What a change!

In Uncastillo we ran into Inma, Miguel, his Posada and ¨we were lost¨…

We have two accommodations offers, La Posada and the Uncastillo Apartments, in which QUALITY (in capital letters) is the common denominator. This is demonstrated by the fact that both belong to the best charming accommodation club in Spain: Rusticae.

PS.. In the Mirador de Zaragoza apartments you will be able to continue enjoying the hospitality of Inma and Miguel.