BTT en Castildeterra - Bardenas Reales de Navarra

The Bardenas Reales are a unique space in Spain and of dimensions (more than 40,000 hectares) that make it difficult to know it entirely. We wanted to choose 4 emblematic places that we consider essential when approaching them for the first time.


1.- Castildeterra

Quite possibly, the Castildeterra is the most photographed element of Bardenas Reales. All an icon that explains, in a glance, how the clayey and sandstone strata alternate and how, the latter, protect those from erosion.

A piece of sandstone miraculously resists fragmentation while maintaining an impossible balance.



2.- Monument to the Shepherd

Monumento al pastor en Bardenas RealesMore than the statue itself, the relevance of this monument is given by what it represents. For centuries the surrounding towns (with right to profit) can graze with their cattle in Bardenas. In the case of the valleys of Roncal and Salazar, this has given rise to transhumant movements that still exist today and that have conditioned the life of these farmers.

Every year, on September 18, a small festival commemorates the official entry of cattle for the winter.



3.- El Rallón

The formations in the form of a flat wheel are frequent in the Bardenas. Of all of them El Rallón is undoubtedly the most impressive. An immense flat with the edges cut to peak giving rise to walls of vertigo.

El Rallón - Bardenas Reales de NavarraKeep in mind that the environment of El Rallón is an area whose access is prohibited from March to August.



4.- La ralla de la Negra

Since the Bardenas Natural Park corresponds to the Navarra community, it is often forgotten that there is also an Aragonese Bardena. Of its many charms, we stay with the Ralla de la Negra.

It is a large vertical cliff that is an easy sighting spot for numerous raptors and other small birds.

Ralla de la Negra - Bardena aragonesa



5.- The “Vedado” of Eguarás

Although  strictly does not belong to Bardenas but to the municipality of Valtierra, this kind of oasis was declared a Natural Reserve in 1987. Between pine forests, oaks, junipers, etc. it contains the remains of the “Castillo de Peñaflor” or “Castillo de Doña Blanca” that, like any good castle, It has its own legend.

Castillo de Peñaflor o castillo de Doña Blanca en el Vedado de Eguarás - Bardenas Reales


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