In summer time, one of the most frequent questions is: where can we take a good dip?

In La Pastora Lodgings we have compiled what are, in our opinion, the 5 best places to take a soak.

1.- Pozo de Pigalo (Luesia)

Without doubt the best known and the most spectacular of all these places is the Pozo de Pigalo in Luesia. Between vertical outcrops of limestone is locked this pit whose depth is unknown. The rocks that surround it allow, the most daring, to jump into the water from above.

The environment is beautiful and is included within the recently declared Protected Landscape of the Sierra de Santo Domingo. In the immediate vicinity is the camping area of ​​Pigalo.

The possibilities of hiking around are almost endless but we can highlight the routes to the summit of Puy Moné (1,300m), the path to the Corral de Calvo (remains of a High Medieval monastery) or the excursion to the spectacular towers of Sibirana.

2.- Pozo Tronco (Biel)

In the river Arba of Biel itself and just over 1 km upstream of this population, we find a narrowing that the water has been excavating for thousands of years in the conglomerate of the bottom and which is called Pozo Tronco. It is about several small pits and communicated with each other by channels.

Pozo tronco en Biel, Cinco Villas Prepirineo BTT

These pools are part of the Arba Interpretive Trail, so a good idea is to complete it and use the pits as a point to cool off at the ending.

In the vicinity, as we have said, we can find the town of Biel, one of the most picturesque of Cinco Villas. A tour of the Jewish quarter and a visit to the castle and the church are mandatory.

3.- Siaskas ravine (Luesia)

If you are one of those who travel as a family, the Siaskas ravine is an enclave that you cannot miss. The access is halfway between Luesia and Pozo de Pigalo and is a narrow ravine where the water runs forming small pits. Ideal to do with the youngest s (always with the supervision of the elderly) because it doesn’t involve great risks.

Barranco de Siaskas - Paisaje Protegido de Santo Domingo

It is like a small natural water park because the ascent involves walking on the river bed and submerging in the ponds to move forward. Later, the steps get a bit more complicated and the elder ones will have to decide when it is enough and it is time to go back the same way.

4.- Reservoir of San Bartolomé (Ejea)

For those looking for a larger space with the possibility of, in addition to swimming, doing some water sports, the best choice is the San Bartolomé reservoir in Ejea. Created with agricultural functions from a pre-existing endorheic lagoon, this marsh of about 6 cubic hectometres of capacity is ideal for the practice of sailing and rowing. Another possibility is the bird watching that find an ideal place in this peaceful place.

Pantano de San Bartolomé, Cinco Villas

In the vicinity there is a rest area and a bar with picnic area open in certain months.

5.- Pozo de Santa María (Luesia)

Upstream of the aforementioned Pozo de Pigalo is the Pozo de Santa María. It is accessed by walking  through a marked path that goes through the river.

It is also a large water well and one of the most beautiful in the region and has the incentive that, in summer, there are a lot less people because most of it is in the close Pigalo. If you are one of those who seek solitude at any cost, the Well of Santa Maria is your place of bath.


In short, these are some of the best proposals, not all, to cool off in the summer in Cinco Villas taking advantage of hiking, mountain biking and cultural visits in the villages of the area.


And if you are more “urban” in summer you have the municipal pools of Uncastillo, possibly the best of Cinco Villas.

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