Posada de Uncastillo is located at Calle Roncesvalles, 1 in Uncastillo 50678 – Zaragoza


How to reach us by car:

When arriving in Uncastillo, indicate to the GPS the Plaza de Santa María, 50678 Uncastillo, Zaragoza

Cómo llegar Posada de Uncastillo


First you will arrive at the Plaza del Ordinario. At the zebra crossing, drive slowly between the flower boxes:

Cómo llegar Posada de Uncastillo


Through a narrow alley you reach Plaza Santa Maria. The hotel is 20 metres away:

Exterior Posada de Uncastillo Hotel Rural

The Plaza de Santa Maria is a loading and unloading area, the car can stay for a few minutes without any problem. Once your luggage has been unloaded, we will show you where to park a few metres from our hotel.


Arrival: From 16:00 h to 23:00 h Please consult the possibility of arriving earlier and advise in case of later arrival.

WARNING: From 14:00 h to 16:00 h there is no reception.