Zaragoza is a modern and dynamic city. It still bears memories of its more than 2000 year history: from Roman times to the XXI century.

The Basilica of El Pilar is located in the heart of the city. Next to it you can find La Lonja (the former Fish market), La Seo Cathedral as well as the Roman Theatre.

A little bit further away we can find the Arab PalaceLa Aljafería – that is at present the seat of the Regional Parliament of Aragón. Not far away from it, there is a modern cultural centre- Caixaforum – which usually has various offers oftemporary exhibitions.

Finally, the site of Expo 2008 can be found on the Ebro riverbanks. There we can see the Water Tower (la Torre del Agua), the Millennium Bridge (El Puente del Milenio), the Bridge Pavilion (El Pabellón Puente), the Volunteers’ Footbridge (la Pasarela del Voluntariado) or the River Aquarium. We are in the modern part of Zaragoza here.

There is a wide range of museums as well. Amongthem: Goya Museum, Zaragoza Museum, Pablo Gargallo Museum, La Infanta Patio or Pablo Serrano Museum.

One of the great ways to discover Zaragoza is to take the Tourist Sightseeing Bus that will take you around all the city’s landmarks.



It is an exciting leisure destination. Local food, bars of tapas, shows and shopping areas in Zaragoza can easily measure up to the best cities in Spain.

Numerous restaurants offer a series of genuinely Aragonese menus, which without a doubt will offer essential local dishes such as migas and roasted lamb; but apart from those you will also be able to tasteborrajas, beans, rabbit, snails, Teruel ham, Fuentes onions and a wide variety of local cheeses and cold meats. Washed down, of course, by excellent wines of Aragón, that can boast of 4 different designations of origin.

On the other hand, if you feel like having some tapas then the must-go place in Zaragoza for youis El Tubo. There, in the maze of narrow streets, you will find the biggest variety and concentration of bars of tapas in the city. The Old Town also has itsplaces to offer, one of them is The Gastronomic Market at PuertaCinegia – a perfect place to enjoy great food and wonderful atmosphere.

Cinemas, theatres and legendary cabarets (el Plata) complete the cultural and entertainment options offered by the city. Zaragoza Auditorium too known for its great acoustics and is considered one of the best places to enjoy orchestra performances and operas.