Cultural heritage


Uncastillo is considered “one of the best Romanesque sites of XII century in Spain”. Sos del Rey Católico is the birthplace of King Ferdinand. Both are proud to be called the most picturesque towns in Aragón. Boasting of numerous churches, castles, town walls, Jewish quarters as well as renaissance buildings these two majestic medieval compounds are more than enough reason to pay a visit to the region of Cinco Villas.

But there is more. The cultural offer this part of Pre-Pyrenees provides you with is endless. We can find castles and fortifications among which Loarre, Olite and Javier notably stand out. There are also monasteries, such as Leyre or La Oliva. An extensive network of Jewish quarters reminds us of the Sephardic heritage many of the nearby towns have.

Finally, the Roman past of the regionmanifests itself in the town of Los Bañales that still preserves the Roman baths and the aqueduct.



The Pre-Pyrenees area is a land of contrasts. Within a couple of kilometers we can cross the barren, desert-like Natural park of BardenasReales and end up surrounded by lushand mountainous protected landscape of la Sierra de Santo Domingo.

Numerous ravines, gullies and erosions are great natural attractionsof BardenasReales, such as El Rallón, Pisquera,LaEstroza, Castildeterrra or Tripa Azul.

El Pozo de Pigalo, La Foz de Lumbier, los Mallos de Riglos or PuyMoné are the true highlights of the Pre-Pyrenees landscape, packed with forests, mid-mountain rivers, peaks and gorges. Now, think about seeing all this in absolute solitude.

All in all, it is an oasis of peace perfect for spending a few days with your family, couple or friends hiking, going on bicycle rides and mountain biking. You can find the best offers on our webpage of Pre-Pyrenees routes (RutasPrepirineo).