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The 4 must-see spots in Bardenas Reales

21 August 2014

Bardenas Reales is the only space of its kind in Spain, and its size (more than 40,000 hectares) makes it difficult to see the whole area. We've picked out 4 iconic spots we think are essential on any tour.

1.- Castildeterra

 Castildeterra is probably the most photographed part of  Bardenas. This iconic sight explains the alternating strata of sand and clay, and how one protects the other from erosion.

A piece of sandstone miraculously refuses to break, keeping an impossible balance.

2.- Monumento al Pastor

The importance of the Shepherd's Monument is in what it represents, rather than the statue itself. For centuries, certain villages have had the right to graze their flocks in Bardenas. In the case of the Roncal and Salazar valleys, this led to seasonal migrations which continue to this day and which have shaped the lives of these herders.

On 18 September every year there is a small festival to commemorate the official entrance of the herds to their winter pastures.

3.- El Rallón

There are many mesa formations in Bardenas. El Rallón is undoubtedly the most impressive. It is worth the effort of climbing to the top to look over the edge (if you're not afraid of heights) and view the lunar landscape around Pisquerra.

Remember that access to this area is prohibited from March to August.

4.- La Ralla de la Negra

As the Bardenas Natural Park belongs to the region of Navarra, we sometimes forget there is an Aragonese Bardena. It has a lot to offer, but we've picked the Ralla de la Negra.

This is a large vertical outcrop which is home to many birds of prey and other birds.


Some of these wonderful sights will be on the routes we are organising at   Posada La Pastora to celebrate our  15th Anniversary.

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