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Hiking from Luesia to Biel

02 June 2014

Many of you already know that we love the foothills of the Pyrenees. It's also obvious that Luesia and Biel are the two most beautiful villages in the Cinco Villas area, in terms of nature. The news is that this year the heavier rain has made the area prettier than ever.

So we have prepared a route from Luesia to Biel for all of you. We'll walk it on 14 June and the guide will be Miguel, who will provide information at key points along the route.

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We'll meet here, in La Pastora, Uncastillo, and then drive out to Luesia where we can leave the cars and begin our adventure. The first part of the walk climbs rapidly towards Fuent'Isicar where we can enjoy the first sweeping views of the day. From there, first among oaks and then pine and beech woods, we continue to the Fuente l'Artica mountain refuge.

Take a deep breath, because now we're going up the Hayedo de Bal. The walk rises 150 m, but we'll take it slowly, like the rest of the route. From the top we can see Biel below us, but rather than go straight down, we'll make the most of our climb and walk along the top of the ridge towards Ripas Altas.

Ripas Altas is an area of eroded agglomerate forming gullies so steep-sided they can be scary. This spot is definitely photogenic.

We'll go a little further along the ridge, with Biel on one side, Puy Moné on the other, and the Sierra de Santo de Domingo ahead. When we get close to Puifonguera, we can start our descent along another ridge which crosses the Fraya area, bringing us down to the deep valley Barranco de la Carbonera

From here, the route is a pleasant stroll along the banks of the river until it joins the Arba de Biel. We continue beside this new river, and cross it when we reach Pozo Tronco, where the river narrows to a slit in the rock.

There is one last surprise. Just 200 m from Biel we will pass by the former laundry. This is the building where the women of Biel used to do their washing, and it has recently been restored.

We're near the end, and we just have to cross the Arba de Biel to get our reward:  lunch at the El Caserío restaurant. A magnificent meal is waiting, prepared by Fernando and his family, which we can enjoy with a clear conscience, as we will have burned those calories and more on the walk.

After lunch, we will stroll around Biel and see the sights (the castle, church and Jewish quarter) and a taxi will take us back to Luesia to pick up our cars.

We're sure that after this route, the foothills of the Pyrenees, and especially Luesia and Biel, will be engraved in your memory forever.

This is a unique opportunity at the perfect time of year, and Miguel has prepared a route which is accessible for all the family. If you're interested it would be a good idea to book now, as places are limited.

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