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We celebrate 15 years. Thanks to you!!

24 April 2014

Posada La Pastora is a dream come true. Our dream. The one Inma and I used to share, murmuring “Can you imagine if we went to Uncastillo…”  until the autumn of 1997, when we decided to go all in and buy the ruins that had once been the house of Juana “la pastora” (the shepherdess) in our village, Uncastillo, in the foothills of the Aragonese Pyrenees. We started the building work which would transform the rubble into a rural guesthouse, a Country Hotel, our passion and our way of life. 

We opened it in the spring of 1999, with more enthusiasm than know-how, discovering what it means to receive guests in your home. Many days have gone by since then, many travellers have come to visit, and we've made many friends along the way. And most of all, we've learned a lot and had a lot of fun, with and thanks to you. And we want to celebrate it!!

From the start, we knew what we wanted to offer: the experience of a peaceful lifestyle, full of quality details, reclaiming the values that only an establishment like La Pastora can offer: the pleasure of getting back to the real you, far from the stress and claustrophobia of the big city, rediscovering sensations, experiences and special moments. Strolling around the streets of Uncastillo, Sos del Rey Católico or any other spot of the Cinco Villas district, visiting their Romanesque gems, hiking in the hills or simply reading and chatting quietly by the fireside and letting the time go by. 

And over these years we've had the support of what is undoubtedly the best quality association of small charming hotels:  RUSTICAE. We are proud to be one of Spain's longest-standing members of this club, which has also taught us a great deal and where we have made firm friends.

Over the years we have continued to learn and to improve our services and our facilities:

  • In the spring of 2006, we remodelled the third floor and added 2 new Suites for our most exacting guests, making a total of 10  double rooms.
  • In the summer of 2007, we launched Apartamentos Uncastillo, self-catering apartments for our guests who travel with their families or even their pets, and who prefer independent accommodation with a kitchen, so they can organise their stay for themselves.
  • And last year, just to make things more interesting, we also launched Rutas Prepirineo, our side business for activities, where we organise hiking routes, bike trails for touring and mountain bikes, and starting this year, Nordic Walking

We certainly haven't been bored! And we want to go on like this, because these 15 years of happy memories have left us wanting more… another 15 years!! For now, this year, our schedule is full of tempting options. Because we are cooking up a programme full of activities, so you have the perfect  excuse to come to Uncastillo, to discover or rediscover a village and a region, Cinco Villas, which hold a multitude of very well-kept secrets.

For now, we'll reveal the first three activities scheduled,

and we'll tell you about the rest bit by bit.

We would love to raise a glass with you and toast 15 more years.  We're waiting for you!!

A warm hug from Uncastillo,

Inma y Miguel

Miguel (e Inma)

Si te ha gustado, ¡compártelo!

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