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We turn 50 years as National Heritage Site!

In 1966 Uncastillo was declared National Heritage Site, we mean, nothing but 50 years!!!

Many are the attractions that made him deserve this distinction: up to 6 Romanesque churches, a Renaissance church, a castle-fortress that caused the apparition of the villa, a Jewish Quarter with the remains of the Synagogue, a medieval layout which has remained almost intact for 1000 years, numerous Renaissance palatial houses among which stands out  the Town Hall... Not to mention other elements not in the village, but in the municipality, such as the Roman city of Los Bañales or the small Sibirana’s castle.

Despite all this, Uncastillo remains one of the great unknowns of Spanish geography, a real hidden gem.

We want to celebrate this 50th anniversary, and for that we have prepared lots of activities for all tastes.  So,  this year we hope to see you ... and toast our 50th anniversary !!

If you are one of those who already knows Uncastillo, congratulations. Otherwise, we will help you to discover it. Now, more than ever, our slogan is true: "Find us and you’ll get lost"

We'll be waiting for you.

Foto de Inma y Miguel

Inma & Miguel